title: hexo-theme-doc-seed


This project is a skeleton for a documentation website using Hexo and hexo-theme-doc.
You can use it to quickly bootstrap your documentation website.

The seed contains the required structure and files to use Hexo and the theme, plus dummy content to show the usage of the main features of the theme.

Getting Started

To get started have a look first to the requirements, then install hexo-cli with:

  1. $ npm install -g hexo-cli

Now just clone hexo-theme-doc-seed repository:

  1. $ git clone https://github.com/zalando-incubator/hexo-theme-doc-seed.git <directory>

Go into the resulting directory and install dependencies:

  1. $ npm install

Start the preview server locally with:

  1. hexo s

If you open your browser at http://localhost:4000 you should see the documentation website up and running.

More Informations

For more informations please visit the user documentation website.